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Colour Matching Cabinet

कलर मैचिंग कैबिनेट

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उत्पाद वर्णन

A Commercial Colour Matching Cabinet is a specialized piece of equipment used in various industries, particularly in the textile, printing, packaging, and paint industries. Its primary purpose is to provide standardized and controlled lighting conditions for the visual evaluation and comparison of colors. The cabinet is designed to provide uniform illumination across its viewing area to ensure consistent color assessment. This is often equipped with a control panel that allows users to select the desired illuminant, adjust the intensity of the light sources, and control other settings. Commercial Colour Matching Cabinet is essential tool for industries where accurate color assessment and consistency are critical for product quality and customer satisfaction.

The Colour Matching Cabinet is made from 18 gauge MS sheet dully powder coated & inside paint Neutrals grey.

  • The electrical panel is totally separate from the cabinet.ï
  • Hour Meter is provided to count the life of D-65 tube lightï
  • 450 Angle Plate is supplied for Viewing Samples
  • The design is user friendly & easy maintenance.ïï
  • Allï tube lights are Imported of Philips Holland / Thailandï ( 4 ft./36 W )
  • Inner Dimension L 40 x W 22 x H 2

With Following Light Sources

  • D65 -2 Nos.-4 feet 36 W
  • TL 84- 2 Nos.- 4 feet 36 W
  • Ultra violet- 1 No. - 4 feet 36 W
  • Tungsten Filament Light - 4 Nos.
  • Cool White Light (CWF) - 2 Nos. -4 feet 36 W

Product details

Minimum Order Quantity

1 टुकड़ा

Cool White Light (CWF)

2 Nos.


2 Nos.


50 Hz

TL 84

2 Nos.

Tungsten Filament Light

4 Nos.

Ultra violet

1 No.

Surface Finish

Powder Coated

Country of Origin

Made in India


Mild Steel

Power Source



Textile Technocrats

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